We have created the following tutorials to help new users.

NACGather quickstart tutorial: Get started recording with NACGather just after a fresh install.

Recording channel setup tutorial: Create a recording channel setup named "tutorialSetup" containing amplifier gain settings and recording units ("mV") for the recording channels we will use.

Output waveform tutorial: Create an output waveform named "trigger" that will serve as a stimulator trigger pulse output 5 ms after recording starts (we want to record 5 ms of data before observing the response).

Recording script tutorial: Create a script named "tutorialScript" that records 50 ms of data on recording channel CH2 while sending the output waveform "trigger" to output channel DOUT0.

Measurement tutorial: Create a measurement named "half-width" that computes the half-width of a trough between a pair of time cursors. This measurement is computed each time script "tutorialScript" runs.

Stage tutorial: Create a stage named "tutorialStage" that repeatedly runs script "tutorialScript" every 5 sec for 100 iterations.

Experiment tutorial: Create and run an experiment named "tutorialExperiment". Collect data by running a script and a stage.