NACShow is a computer program that you use to look at and analyze data after you finish running an experiment with NACGather. Use NACShow to:

  • Easily to scroll through and view the raw data.
  • Compute and plot many types of measurements (e.g., peak amplitude, decay tau, etc.).
  • Compute measurement summaries (mean, standard deviation, median, etc.).
  • Use cursors (used by measurements) that can vary with time into the experiment.
  • Compute and display amplitude or phase spectrum of data.
  • Compute and plot spike histograms.
  • Plot changes in measurements relative to a user-defined baseline.
  • Compute and save reports with the data. Reports contain many different plots, tables, images, and notes.
  • Copy and paste raw data and measurements into spreadsheets and other programs.
  • Export data in ASCII format or as MATLAB mat files.

NACShow report


NACShow lets you generate memos, images, and tables and plots of various kinds and organize them into reports saved as part of the NAC data file. Then, whenever you reopen a NAC data file, you can view the report and view all the relevant information without recomputing plots and tables. Report templates can be exported and imported so reports can be easily created each time you run an experiment. So as you repeat an experiment to build up convincing statistics for, say, a paper, you can have a common report for each experiment.